Key Competencies & Learning Areas

Key Competencies

In order to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of communities, the New Zealand Curriculum identifies competencies that all young people will need. They are: thinking; using language, symbols and text; managing self; relating to others; and participating and contributing.

As a College, we have been weaving the Habits of Mind that have been actively used by teachers and students into these key competencies. Our teachers now give explicit opportunities for these competencies to be used, practised and reflected upon in learning programmes.

As parents, you can expect to see the language of the competencies reflected in both your daughter’s and teacher’s evaluation of her learning journey.

Learning Areas

The New Zealand Curriculum specifies eight learning areas, each with its own achievement objectives ...

English, the arts, health and physical education, learning languages, mathematics and statistics, science, social sciences, technology.

The intention is that learning be broad and general, laying foundations for later specialisation in your daughter’s learning journey. Our College will provide the learning contexts that best suits the needs and aspirations of our College community. Central to all learning areas is language with its specialisation and students’ response to language. Our College now presents a Baradene Curriculum that endeavours to meet the ongoing curriculum needs of your daughter and the demands of the New Zealand Curriculum.