Planning your Programme

As you progress along your learning journey there are opportunities for you to specialise in a variety of learning areas. 

This section answers some of the questions you may have about planning your programme for next year. 

How do I choose a programme from the Subject Options Available

  • Make a choice from an area that you have an interest in and that you would like to explore further.
  • Consider the skills you think you will need in the future. 
  • Research the requirements of possible careers or tertiary courses that you may pursue.
  • It is important that you spend time reading the subject information and prerequisites for courses in 2023, and also prerequisites for courses that may interest you in the future. 
  • Talk to our Careers Advisors, Mrs Burnett or Mrs Lonergan, your subject teachers and your Dean to discuss your choices. 

A broad programme of study will help you to keep your options open for future career ideas. 

What if I need help with my choices?

A team of teaching professionals are always available for advice and guidance as you journey through our college.

These include:

  • Careers Advisor
  • Senior Management
  • Heads of Faculty
  • Deans
  • Subject Teachers
  • Dean of International Students

What might change my programme choices?

Some courses may not run due to insufficient numbers. Given the large number of courses we offer, it is not always possible to accommodate every combination of subjects.

How do I change my programme after the Subject Options deadline?

  • Any changes must be discussed with Deans by the end of the year.  
  • There will be a course change day at the beginning of each academic year for final changes. 

What if a course is not available?

  • You will be asked to see the Dean to choose as alternative
  • You may be in a combined level class

How do I manage Internal assessment?

  • At each level NCEA subjects contain internal assessment throughout the year. 
  • Students must plan their time carefully so that all internally assessed work can be completed by the due date. 
  • Details of assessment types and approximate dates will be issued at the start of the year in each course. 
  • Guidelines on internal assessment, including what to do if you are absent due to illness, family travel or school-based commitment can be found on the website under curriculum/Y7-13 curriculum/NCEA handbook