All students need to be able to understand and make decisions in the financial world we live in. 

Studying any Commerce subject will enable the student to make financial decisions for themselves and others.

What is Commerce about?

In Commerce, students explore how the economic and business world operates. 

In Accounting, students become equipped with the ability to make real life financial decisions, to prepare and communicate financial information to users and to be accountable to stakeholders for their actions. In Economics they examine the choices people make about the use of limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants. 

Economics explores issues around sustainability, enterprise, citizenship and globalisation. Economists are interested in the factors that influence the well-being of people and aim to find solutions to improve people’s standard of living. Business Studies is an introduction to all of these concepts.

Why study Commerce?

Commerce provides many job opportunities in virtually every sector and therefore prepares the student well for their future employment and adult life.